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Campus Management Software For Schools / Colleges

Built-in Email, Branded SMS, Biometric Attendance, Exams, Library, Students & Staff Records...

Domains, Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Servers

FM Database Hosting, FM Server 19+VPS Full Admin


Campus management Software

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Why do you need a School Management System?

If you are still using the old-school method of attendance registers, reported cards and notice boards, you might wonder why is there a need to have a system at place. We are sure this question is justifiable because most of the online school management system out there are built in such a way that they take you down a mysterious puzzle lane. Obviously, that makes you feel your life was a lot better when you were doing everything with a pen and paper. However, we are here to disrupt that and makes things easier than ever for you..

We feel there is a need to automate and have an online school management system that curates all the educational essentials together, make the administrative tasks easier, is easy to understand and saves you a lot of time. Lucky for us both, you are at the right place.

Our school management system – cloud software is the solution to all the school management and handling needs. Why and what are we offering? Let’s take a look together!

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