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  • We are group of Experts around the Globe,  we are Highly Qualified and Skilled computer / Software experts.
  • We are always Trying for the best, to achieve peace of mind through the Best-in-Class services, Transit, Updtime and Timely supports,
  • Our services are the best in that we do Respond in-time, Never delay in Help & Support,
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database management services
(My-sql, ms-sql, filemaker database developers / server administration)

We have 10+ Years of Experience in Relational Database Management Systems and Server Administration.

  • MySQL, MS-Sql , Filemaker Database services
  • Database Systems Developers / Software Developers
  • Database problems solutions / Debugger
  • Filemaker Database Solutions / Debuggers
  • Filemaker Server Administration / Hosting
  • Filemaker Server installed on Dedicated Server
  • Custom Filemaker Solutions
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HRMS / Payroll , Cloud Time attendance system

  Essential for all types of companies, industries & educational systems

  • Complete Employee Management
  • Organization/Branches/Departments Management
  • Shift Management
  • Vacations / Leaves Management
  • Payroll Settings
  • Device Configuration
  • Daily / Monthly / Date1 to Date2 Reports / Analysis
  • Comprehensive Time Attendance from Remote Branches.
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Attendance punch cards / smart cards
Essential Attendance Punch Card for employees / students,
Attendance Punch Cards are very useful and have quick reading time about 0.1 seconds.


  • Item:    ID card for employees/students
    Material:   PVC, PET
    Surface:   glossy, matt, frosted
    Size:   85.5*54*0.84mm, or customized
    Frequency:   LF/125khz, 13.56mhz/HF
    Protocol:    ISO 14443 A/ISO 15693
    Minimum Order Quantity: 300 pieces
    Certificate:   ISO9001, SGS, ROHS, EN71


  • □ Logistics automation
    □ Anticounterfeiting
    □ Access control
    □ Industrial transponder
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Virutal dedicated servers

  Essential for all types of companies, industries & educational institutes

  • High speed / high capacity Dedicated Servers
  • Safe & Secure / Access anytime / anywhere
  • High Speed AMD Processors upto   2-64 cores
  • High Capacity RAM upto   4-512GB
  • High Speed / High Capacity SSD Drives  40GB-100TB
  • High speed internet speed upto  500-3000Mbps
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Whatsapp marketing tool + api
Marketing tool + Whatsapp api for integration + chatbot + autoresponder

We are the leading provider of WhatsApp chatbot, whatsapp autoresponder and whatsapp API, giving you the tools to automate your customer engagement with the world's most popular messaging app.

Integrate it with any Other software or web CRM. We Have Integrated APIs in Busy, Tally, Marg & Other Softwares Also.

  • Complete marketing tool for your social marketing and save your time
  • Image & Video Liberary
  • Message Scheduling
  • Multiple Whatsapp Accounts maintenance
  • API available for Softwares Integration
  • Whatsapp Chatbot essential for All types of Businesses/ Educational systems ,
    someone can design a complete Artificial Intelligence menu and will autoreply to clients / customers.
  • Whatsapp Autoresponder 
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Campus management software

for All schools, colleges & universities

Students, Staff, Exams, Fees, Liberary, hostel, transport management tools

 Essential Tool for All Educational Systems

  • Online Campus Management, Branches Management,
  • Reduces workload & work stress
  • increased Online students Enrollment
  • Data remains Safe & Secure / accessible anytime/anywhere
  • Saves time in making reports & analysis
  • Helps in complete Academic support
  • All Modules included i.e Students, Staff, Finance, Fees, Biometric Attendance, Whatsapp SMS Alerts, Transport Management, Liberary Management, Hostel / Resident Management system,
  • Customizations possible over approval from Head Office.
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