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What is Android SMS Gateway ?

it is an android SMS gateway that can help you to create your own SMS gateway using you Android mobile Phone. Just create an account and Download Android APK and install APK in your Android phone. After that Login on your account and go to Add Devices. And connect your android phone using QR code. Thats Fine.
As your phone connected with online portal. You can send and Receive SMS from your portal also via API. Actually SMS sent will be sent by your mobile phone. Its an easy way to create you own Online SMS gateway.

Developers APIs and integrations ,

your softwares can Send and Receive SMS via APIs. ResFull APIs Avaialable. You can Use GSM SMS integration into your applications smoothly.

How Android GSM SMS Gateway Works ?

In this tutorial we will learn hhow to use GSM SMS Gateway. So read this article carefully. There are all neccessory steps explained so read and know.

  • First of All Register Free Account
  • Then Go to Login and login your account.
  • Go to the Devices form the sidebar menu after login.
  • Click On Add Device Button

A popup will be displayed on screen and in this popup you wil see a link for Downloading android APK

Install APK in your Android mobile phone.

  • Run APK after Successfull inastallation.
  • Use QR Code to Ligin and Scan QR Code that is showing on Poup Screen.

you mobile phone is now connected with your SMS account. keep using GSM SMS Gateway thank You.

  • Open GSM SMS APP after installation.
  • Login Using QR Code
  • Scan QR code provided in your GSM SMS Gateway account, in Devices Section.

Download ZitaSMS APK for Android